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Dr Mary Welford

Mary Welford is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working in Greater Manchester. She is a founding member of the  Compassionate Mind  Foundation  and has  liaised  with  Professor Paul Gilbert over many years. Working with a range of people on an individual and group basis,  Mary is particularly interested  in the  application  of  Compassion‐Focused  Therapy (CFT) across the spectrum of human experiences, from anxiety and depression to psychosis and personality difficulties.

Mary Welford is the author of the book: 'The Compassionat Mind Approach to Building Self-Confidence' 

The Compassionat Mind Approach to Building Self-Confidence

compassionat mind'The Compassionat Mind Approach to Building Self-Confidence' by Mary Welford
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The aim of this self-help book is to help the reader to recognize the ways in which they are self-critical and to understand the impact it may be having on their life. Based on Compassion Focused Therapy ( CFT ), the reader will learn proven techniques that will help them to improve their self confidence and fulfill their goals and aspiration. Consistent with the ethos of the Compassionate Mind Approach , and the needs of the reader, this book includes findings from the latest scientific research on self-confidence and self-esteem, practical advice and a wealth of exercises.

'The healing properties of compassion have been written about for centuries.
The Dalai Lama often stresses that if you want others to be happy – focus on compassion; if you want to be happy yourself – focus on compassion.
Although all clinicians agree that compassion is central to the doctor–patient and therapist–client relationship, recently the components of com- passion have been looked at through the lens of Western psychological science and research.
Compassion can be thought of as a skill that one can train in, with increasing evidence that focusing on and practising compassion can influence neurophysiological and immune systems.
Compassion-focused therapy refers to the underpinning theory and process of applying a compassion model to psychotherapy.
Compassionate mind training refers to specific activities designed to develop compassionate attributes and skills, particularly those that influence affect regulation.
Compassion-focused therapy adopts the philosophy that our understanding of psychological and neurophysiological processes is developing at such a rapid pace that we are now moving beyond ‘schools of psychotherapy’ towards a more integrated, biopsychosocial science of psychotherapy.'

(Gilbert 2009)